martes, 21 de enero de 2014

ECCC: 1000 Maneras de Salvar la Tierra

Use the refrigerator properly Refrigerators and freezers require large amounts of energy to chill foods. However, with a little care you can avoid waste without losing any of the benefits of this essential everyday comfort. Perhaps the greatest impact on energy use of a refrigerator is the temperature of the room it is in. A 10°F decrease in the ambient room temperature can decrease energy use by 40%. Do not place your refrigerator or freezer near a heat source, such as an oven, a microwave placed on the appliance, a heater or radiator, or a south-facing window. Also, take care not to place hot dishes in the refrigerator, or to overfill it. Make sure the door closes tightly- it the seal loosens at all, the cool air will escape, wasting energy. And if you hear the compressor come on a lot you may have a leak.

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