lunes, 27 de enero de 2014

ECCC: 1000 Maneras de Salvar la Tierra

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Switch off lights you don´t need

Greenhouse gases are naturally present in the atmosphere and maintain temperatures on Earth that are favorable to life. Too much greenhouse effect, however, leads to warming of the global climate. In the space of a century, world energy demand-used for electricity, heating, and transportation, for example-has increased twentyfold. If current trends continue unabated, the word´s energy consumption will double by 2030 Most of this energy comes from oil, gas, and coal, which produce greenhouse gases.

Make a point of switching off lights that do not need to be on, especially when you leave a room, and try to use daylight instead wherever possible. The less that electricity is used, the less energy is needed, the less energy is used, the less energy is needed, and therefore less greenhouse gas is pumped into the atmosphere.

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